GARLIC – Allium sativum



3 cups plus 2 tablespoons chicken broth
2 tablespoons finely minced garlic
1 cup coarsely chopped onion
1 red bell pepper, diced (about 1 cup)
1 bay leaf
1 cup Arborio or other aromatic medium-grain rice
Freshly ground black pepper to taste
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1/4 cup finely minced fresh Italian parsley

In a large skillet, heat 2 Tablespoons chicken broth over medium heat, add the garlic and onion and cook for 1 to 2 minutes. Add the pepper and bay leaf and cook for 3 to 4 minutes.

In a saucepan, bring the remaining 3 cups broth to a boil, reduce the heat and keep it at a simmer. Add the rice to the skillet and slowly add the broth, 1/2 cup at a time, stirring constantly, until all has been absorbed, about 30 to 35 minutes. When the rice is al dente, add the black pepper, cheese and parsley and stir gently. Serve slightly creamy.


Soften 1/4 pound of butter in a small dish. Meanwhile, melt one Tablespoon of butter over low heat in a small saucepan. Prepare 2 Tablespoons of garlic, finely minced, or use a garlic press. Add this to the melted butter in the pan and remove from heat. Cool and add to softened butter in the bowl. Beat to blend. Store covered in the refrigerator to use on vegetables, breads, pasta or re-melt and toss with breadcrumbs to put on casseroles, sprinkle on fish, etc.


6 sweet bell peppers – red, yellow, green, orange or purple
1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil
6 cloves garlic, sliced thin lengthwise
12 fresh basil leaves
salt and pepper to taste

Roast, peel and seed the peppers. Cut them into sixths, lengthwise. Drizzle a little oil in the bottom of a shallow glass or ceramic baking dish. Arrange about one-third of the peppers in the dish, scatter about one-third of the garlic and half the herbs over them, season lightly with salt and pepper, and drizzle with a little more oil. Repeat the layering with the remaining ingredients, ending with garlic and oil. Cover the dish tightly with plastic wrap and let marinate at room temperature for 4 hours. The peppers can be made up to 8 hours in advance, but they should be refrigerated. Allow them to come to room temperature before serving.


3 inch piece of fresh rosemary
2 1/2 to 3 pound whole chicken
3 garlic bulbs (21 cloves)
1 teaspoon fresh lemon thyme
3/4 cup white wine

Remove the papery covering of the garlic and separate into cloves. Wash inside of chicken thoroughly. Mix garlic and herbs and put in chicken cavity. Place chicken in a casserole and pour the wine over. Cover and bake at 325º F. for 60 to 70 minutes or until chicken is done. (Chicken is ready when the thigh is easily moved up and down.) Cut the chicken apart and spoon a little of the pan juices over each piece.


12 slices country bread – 3/4 to 1 inch thick
1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil
1/2 teaspoon salt
4 to 6 garlic cloves, peeled

Toast the bread until golden brown on both sides over an open flame or under the broiler. Mix olive oil and salt in a flat dish. When the toast is cool enough to handle, firmly rub the garlic cloves over both sides for a strong garlic flavor or just one side for a milder one. Dip one side of each slice briefly in the oil and serve immediately.


2 large zucchini, cut into 1/2 inch thick slices
1 medium yellow squash, cut into 1/2 inch thick slices
3 small tomatoes, cut into wedges
1 clove garlic, crushed
3 Tablespoons olive oil
2 Tablespoons bottled jalapeno pepper sauce
1 Tablespoon fresh chopped basil
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese

Preheat oven to 425 F. In a 2-quart casserole, toss zucchini, squash, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, jalapeno sauce, basil and salt until well mixed. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Bake 30 minutes until vegetables are tender. Serve warm or cold.